Deep Honey & Moon Wellness Studio is in the heart of historic Pittsburgh, Atlanta. Creating a sacred space for healing is our purpose. Deep honey & moon creates products that empower women. We create products that promote and inspire peace, healing, wholeness, beauty, and profound self love. We partner with women to cultivate a beautiful, healthy relationship with your feminine energy and power. We teach women to embrace their bodies with dignity and deep love.

  • deep honey & moon

    wellness studio

  • deep honey & moon steam packages

    deep honey & moon steams are a holistic, noninvasive approach to ancient womb work that promotes self love, trauma release, and overall feminine wellness. our certified practitioner curates a special blend of herbs to encourage healing and well being.

  • healing, honoring, empowering our sacred temple

    Through products that cultivate creativity, healing, wellness, wholeness, profound self love and beauty.

  • Deep Honey & Moon Tea

    Specially blended teas that encourage womb wellness and relax the soul


Childbirth education classes

One to one Childbirth Education for the whole family. Deep Honey & Moon Wellness Studio keeps your family safe during COVID-19 by providing a safe, holistic environment for your family to ask questions, learn, and enjoy this beautiful journey. Your family will enjoy private lessons weekly at a time dedicated just to your family.


Lactation Education and Support

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