Deep Honey & Moon🌙 Moon Cycle Steam

Deep Honey & Moon🌙 Moon Cycle Steam



Deep Honey & Moon Wellness Studio is a sacred space where you will honor, empower, and purify your sacred temple. A space of wisdom, creation, profound self love, and healing. Deep Honey & Moon🌙 Moon Cycle Steam understands the cycles of that healing and promotes regulation of the Moon (menstrual) cycle. 

In this healing space you will receive:

  • Pre and Post Menses support
  • Regulation of menstrual cycle
  • Hormone Balance
  • Eases bloating and cramps
  • Ease headaches and lower back pain
  • Ease digestive distress
  • Reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion due to PMS
  • Detoxify and remove toxins from the womb
  • Support vaginal health and wellness
  • Clear blocked energy

What’s included:

  • 30 Minute V Steam session specially curated for your Moon cycle regulation and healing journey
  • A cup of house made herbal tea

***Consultation is required prior to first Moon Cycle Steam Session***